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Our Village 2020 event schedule

Our Village 2020 has come to an end. You can access replays below.

June 22

Spirituality in a time of crisis

Celebrate World Rainforest Day with wisdom keepers and learn how local communities are tackling injustice amidst a pandemic.

June 23

How do we stop forest fires?

Using tech and fighting fires – As fire season continues, learn about how the latest technology and traditional knowledge are being used to combat fires and land encroachment.

June 24

How can we stop exploiting our planet?

Tactics to stop extraction – From the North to the South, from the forest to the courtroom, hear about the latest tactics in the fight against extractive industries.

June 25

What brings us together?

Looking at the big picture – From space, from the community and from the future, we explore different approaches to coming together to save our planet.

June 26

How do we tell our story?

Storytelling for a new generation – Hear the innovative storytelling techniques from the forest and meet the new communicators.

The Experience

UNDERSTAND. Gain clarity on the current global landscape

CONNECT. Network with indigenous leaders and influencers

LEARN. Get introduced to new Remote Tech Tools

ACT. Learn about strategies and solutions to act now

IMPACT. Create, promote and leverage global engagement

COMMUNITY. Connect through Art and Music at a global level


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Support Guardians of the Forest during Covid-19