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The journey of Our Village

“The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” – Indira Gandhi.

Since 2014 at our events we have been asking questions that resonate with our passion to heal the earth. We believe the earth is only healed through healing people and that is why our questions revolve around climate justice, racial justice, land stewardship and understanding solutions through open dialogue. ‘Our Village’ is our space to have this dialogue and we hope that the power of these questions will support you, as it has us, to progress, to heal our planet and to know what it is to be human – If Not Us Then Who?

What is climate justice?

The systems of oppression that we all live in right now are based in domination and they are all interconnected. Only by tackling the systemic violence that is embodied in capitalism, racism, sexism and others can we truly fight the climate crisis

How do we diversify climate voices?

Racialized, feminized voices have been silenced and to tackle oppression, we must put those voices at the center of climate action and diversify the channels and mechanisms through which we communicate solutions

What unites us?

What unites us is the powerful resilience, innovative action, and transformative spirit with which local communities worldwide are addressing climate change. Through OUR VILLAGE, individuals from diverse backgrounds are welcomed to a community driven by justice and a shared connection to the Earth.

Why fund communities directly?

Communities are bringing solutions to the table and bridging the gap between multiple systems to repair what is broken. They are fighting back and building a brighter future. They are the fighters and the true stewards who can create change if they receive the much-needed support that is long overdue

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