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12th October 22

It is crucial to address the systems that perpetuate the very problems we face. Instead of solely focusing on the individual’s limited capacity to make a difference, we must critically examine the larger systems at play. The prioritization of money over morality and the elevation of individual interests over community well-being create glaring contradictions that demand our attention. How can we envision a sustainable future without acknowledging and learning from our past mistakes? How can we justify investing in oil projects like Cumbo while simultaneously cracking down on protests with severe sentencing? How can fossil fuel production increase in our country since the Paris climate agreement? And how can we provide tax cuts for domestic flights while neglecting to support affordable domestic train fares, all under the guise of investing in our future? These questions compel us to confront the inconsistencies and systemic flaws that hinder genuine progress towards a more equitable and sustainable society.

Fehinti Balogun
Artist, Actor, Theater Maker and Activist
As an actor, Fehinti Balogun has worked in theater, film and television, with credits including Dune, I May Destroy You, ITV’s Viewpoint, Netflix’s The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself and Juliet Naked. In Can I live?, a digital performance about climate catastrophe, he asks the urgent questions we are facing as humanity, exploring the […]
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