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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

Senator Liz Kruger’s Call to Environmental Action


How did you get that legislation done this year? Because I got a couple of other major environmental bills for the Senate as well this year. And I said, it wasn’t me, it was nature. They looked out the window. They said, Damn, we’re not fighting with her anymore. We got scared. We here in New York City, in this country, we were terrified of what suddenly seemed to happen overnight. And it’s a wakeup call and it’s a wakeup call for the whole world that we can never forget. And we have to fight every day. 

In the aftermath of major wildfires in Canada that plunged New York City into an orange haze, the severity of the environmental impact became impossible to ignore. Senator Kruger shares how the collective realization prompted lawmakers to take swift action, introducing significant environmental bills for the Senate, including the NY Deforestation Free Act.

Senator Liz Krueger
New York State Senator
Senator Liz Krueger was first elected to the New York State Senate in a Special Election in February 2002. She is currently the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.
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