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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

Who Truly Benefits from Deforestation?


Who benefits from deforestation? This is investor. I think the bills also talk about the investors. Law enforcement or sanction to the investor because they benefit every day from the deposition information, from the environmental damage, from the indigenous people, lose their livelihoods and also about the markets.

Zenzi shines a light on the complex web of interests involving investors and markets, prompting reflection on the need for accountability and responsible practices in the face of environmental degradation. The NY deforestation-free bill will put sanctions on investors who have profited from deforestation in tropical regions causing both damage to local communities, and the environment.

Zenzi Suhadi
Executive Director
Zenzi Suhadi is the Executive Director of WAHLI, or Friends of the Earth Indonesia. Zenzi is a field biologist and community organizer advocating for ecological justice and economic equity while implementing indigenous stewardship practices to protect and model integrated earth care and climate solutions. Zenzi is from the village of Air Pahlawan in Sumatra, Indonesia.
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