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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

Our Tools are no Longer Swords and Arrows


And this is a manifesto to say we exist because you cannot rely on the government to make film festival for us. So you must make your own film festival. You already make films, and then you must show the film, not keep on your laptops. And then we go village to village. We make our own film festival, we bring our screen and we collect the community. We learn. But not only watching, we share how to make films and how how to share the dignity. I think that very important because this these tools like, long time, maybe long time ago, our ancestor protected the land with sword and arrow. But now my sword and arrow, yeah, is our camera and computer also because if you have camera and no laptop you cannot edit your films. And the most important things is we must tell the story about us because we can.

Indigenous youth from North Sumatra have initiated a unique journey, taking their stories on the road with a self-launched film festival. Traveling from village to village, they share their films, amplifying their stories and sharing the art of filmmaking with those interested in learning.

Kalfein Maikel Wuisan
Indigenous Activist, Filmmaker
Kalfein Maikel Wuisan or Kale, is an Indigenous Minahasa youth from Wuwuk, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia.
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