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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

BIPOC Storytelling is a Climate Solution


As Jeff Chang says, culture moves faster than policies and legislation. Culture changes. People like us. And then we’ve heard that people change policies. They change systems. And if we want to redesign our world, we have to be able to imagine at first. And BIPOC artists, disruptors and culture bearers help us to do that. Artists powerfully manifest stories and narratives that pique our senses and that really inspire us to move and get into action. And culture bearers are our Indigenous and our ancestral and our traditional stewards. And they help us to rekindle our practices, that are steeped in regeneration and biodiversity. Bipoc Storytelling is a climate solution.

Culture moves faster than policies. Culture changes.BIPOC artists, disruptors, and culture bearers are driving the transformative power of culture, which plays a crucial role in redesigning our world. They inspire action through storytelling, reconnect us with regenerative practices, and shape a world where imagination drives change. BIPOC storytelling is not just cultural, but a climate solution as well.

Erin Williams
Chief Field Building Officer
Chief Field Building Officer at the Center for Cultural Power and leads the Constellations Culture Change Fund. Previously at Global Fund for Women and the International Women’s Health Coalition, Erin led global strategies to resource activists and gender justice movements advancing LGBTQI, sex workers’ and adolescent girls’ rights, abortion access and feminist technology. She is […]
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