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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

A Journey of Indigenous Communication


In the beginning, when I was a child I grew up with nature. I grew up without a father and without a mother. I sought refuge in the trees, in the fruits, in everything that nature could offer me to eat. And in this way, the spirit that I have is very strong, and there is no one who can stop it because they formed me. My experience. That is very intimate for me. 


In the beginning, to be an Indigenous communicator, you have to go through various processes. And, as my colleagues have said, I believe that we all have the same mission, the same spirit, the same feelings to protect our biodiversity.

Learning to use and manage all the technological equipment for an Indigenous person is a big challenge. In this way, we learn to handle technological equipment to create our stories. And that’s how we grow as Indigenous communicators. 


And that is thanks to my representation which is the Federation of Rio Madre de Dios and Affluents (FENAMAD). They promoted me, and thanks to the support of funders, the helped train Indigenous communicators. I am very grateful to the SPDA, the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law, and want to thanks them  for accompanying me here. 

All allies are our support to protect and promote the development of our Indigenous territory. And thanks to If Not Us Then Who. We had a very beautiful encounter in Los Angeles, California. In the same way, like all colleagues, we fell in love with cinematography.  


It was something very beautiful where we all shared experiences, showing that we, as Indigenous People, can make and produce films. 

We had experiences with the actor Bill Pullman. But for us, as Indigenous communicators making films, it is an inspiration to be able to share that life, that world, to defend our people. 

Our purpose, like everyone, is that mission with the vision to protect the planet Earth.

As an Indigenous communicator, Peregrino reflects on his life experiences and the transformative journey to become a filmmaker and storyteller. Peregrino discusses the technological hurdles faced by indigenous communicators and the growth that comes from mastering these filmmaking tools to craft their stories. He shares his gratitude to SPDA and FENAMAD that have supported him in his learning and to INUTW for being able to participate in the Indigenous Imaginarium in LA, where he was able to meet other indigenous filmmakers and make connections with renowned actors like Bill Pullman.

Peregrino Chaeta
Indigenous Leader, Storyteller, Filmmaker
Peregrino is a young Indigenous member of the Ese Eja people in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. He has been training as an Indigenous communicator for the past two years and his favorite aspect of this field is photography and filmmaking. In 2021, Peregrino created a short documentary about his experience with illegal […]
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