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What is Climate Justice?
12th October 22

The spiritual power of Indigenous Peopless is deeply rooted in their cultural and ancestral beliefs, practices, and connections to the natural world. Indigenous spiritualities vary greatly across different cultures and regions, but there are some common elements that are often found: Connection to the Earth, Ancestral Wisdom, Communal Spirituality, Spirit Guides and Guardians: Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies: Holistic Approach to Life. “Our strength is spiritual, it’s what keeps us Alive”, Celia reflects on the effect of colonizations and the scale of damage that has been done to Indigenous Peopless and territories but in the midst of chaos invites us to turn in, to listen to those who carry spiritual power and ancestral knowledge that can ground humanity and heal the earth.

Célia Xakriabá
Federal Deputy
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Rather than turning away from nature, from spiritual power, from Indigenous Peopless, tune in. What has been lost can be found again.