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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

The Power of Storytelling


Telling stories, I think like how we kind of heard now, like there is different ways that you can tell stories. I especially love the stories that we can tell without words. And you tell with sounds, that you can communicate with your eyes, your body. And that’s what I learned from the people that I love and that love me. And so when I think about the impact that stories can make, I think about the impacts of the stories that have already been told to me or that I’ve heard and how they’ve made me the person who I am today. Because I am not just Eli, I am my mother, Josefina, I am all the women before me. I am the trees that my dad planted when I was born who now stand taller than me. And that is hope, you know, of reforesting of healing and all those things, stories can make an impact because it shows the love that we have for ourselves and for each other.

Through poignant reflections on family, love and stories, Elizabeth shares the transformative potential of stories to foster healing, hope and interconnectedness. Stories do not only shape who we are but also serve as a testament to the enduring bonds we share with one another. Our stories forge our identity and are what unites us to those that love us.

Eli Virkina
Visual Impact Storyteller, Environmental Educator, And Community Organizer
A Napu Kichwa visual impact storyteller, environmental educator, and community organizer from the Napo River in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She is greatly inspired by the land and people who shaped her and strongly advocates for Indigenous land rights and environmental and climate justice. As the President of the Iyarina Center, she works alongside her family […]
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