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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

Voices for Change


It is essential that they listen to our voices when we say that there is a climate emergency, as has now been decreed in the ATL in Brazil, it is because we are saying that the imminent danger is right in front of us. So that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re going to COP 28. That’s why we’re going to COP 16, which is the COP for biodiversity. To be able to do this speech. Reaching out to raise awareness of those who finance agribusiness, those who finance deforestation, those who finance so much violence to at least be aware of these moments and see that the planet is being destroyed due to this complex power.

In the face of the climate emergency, as declared in Brazil’s ATL (Free Land Camp), Indigenous Peoples’ voices become a crucial call to action. As the COP28 and COP16 approach, their mission is clear: to speak out against the financiers of agribusiness, deforestation, and violence.

Cristiane Pankararu
Women’s Representative
Cristiane Julião is from the Pankararu people that live in Brasil. She graduated in Geography from the Centro de Ensino Superior do Vale do São Francisco (CESVASF/PE) and is a Master’s and doctoral candidate in Social Anthropology at the National Museum/UFRJ, She researches National and International Indigenous Legal Anthropology. She is part of the Articulation […]
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