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12th October 22

There is a palpable sense that something is profoundly broken within our system. And so, the question arises: What are the leaders at COP26 going to do about it? This question is directed specifically at you, the leaders, because it becomes increasingly difficult to identify with the collective “we” when one often feels like an outsider or “other.” It is challenging to speak in terms of “we” when it becomes evident that we do not possess the same immediate power and influence as you do. It seems as though decisions are made by our governing bodies, and we are left with no choice but to either accept them or resist them. We find ourselves existing within a system where taking action on the climate crisis is treated as an afterthought, merely another item on an extensive list of priorities. If this is the case, then something fundamental within the system is undeniably broken. It is not functioning as it should, and urgent changes are imperative.

Fehinti Balogun
Artist, Actor, Theater Maker and Activist
As an actor, Fehinti Balogun has worked in theater, film and television, with credits including Dune, I May Destroy You, ITV’s Viewpoint, Netflix’s The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself and Juliet Naked. In Can I live?, a digital performance about climate catastrophe, he asks the urgent questions we are facing as humanity, exploring the […]
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