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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 2023

We will be Guardians of our Territory!


So now, as Huaorani, as Indigenous Peoples, we feel the responsibility. We won’t just win and wait. We know the history we’ve lived with the Ecuadorian state, which never respects. It has violated the rights of indigenous peoples and nature. So, we will be guardians of our territory, monitoring and alerting Ecuadorian society.

The Huaorani, as Indigenous Peoples, are committed to safeguarding their territory by actively monitoring and alerting Ecuadorian society

Nemonte Nenquimo
Mother and leader, who has dedicated her life to the defense of Indigenous ancestral territory and cultural survival in the Amazon rainforest. She is the co-founder of the Indigenous-led nonprofit organization Ceibo Alliance – a UNDP Equator Prize-winning community – and Amazon Frontlines. As the first female president of the Waorani organization of Pastaza province, […]
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