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NYC Climate Week 2023
September 23

Funding for Indigenous Communities is not Enough


Somewhere between one and 17% of funds, really, of climate funds get to communities. So it really depends how you measure it. There have been studies that say 1%, others 17%. So, again, depending on how you measure it, but nonetheless, even if it’s 17%, it’s not enough. When we consider the tremendous contribution that Indigenous people to local communities have to keep the forests that we all depend on.

I’ve been working many years at the forefront on villages throughout Brazil and elsewhere, and I am a testimony that there is not enough funding from the public funding as well as philanthropy funds.

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities play a pivotal role in conserving the forests upon which we all depend, yet they receive only a minimal share of climate funds.

Beto Borges
Secretariat Lead of the PFP and Director of Forest Trends
Former Director of the Brazil Program of the Rainforest Action Network, promoting forest policies, community economic development and Indigenous land demarcation in the Amazon region. He also worked for Aguirre International, was the former Executive Director of Adopt-A-Watershed, Program Officer with the Goldman Environmental Foundation. Beto has also consulted for Aveda Cosmetics, Conservation International, Instituto […]
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