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NYC Climate Week 2023

During our two days of programming, we gathered with Indigenous leaders, Black environmental leaders, Local Communities, impact leaders, activists, artists, decision-makers, funders, and organizational partners. We participated in dialogues to amplify ideas, generate action, and meaningfully connect through inclusive spaces, forging cooperative relationships for the healing of our planet.


Along with panels and discussions, ‘Our Village’ hosted networking opportunities, showcased films made by Indigenous and Black storytellers, presented an inspirational Indigenous musical festival with special musical guests, and paid tribute to the Indigenous leaders and environmental defenders who were murdered in their territories.

21-23rd September 2023

New York, US

Our Goal For New York Climate Week

To raise awareness of Indigenous issues and create a space of impact for Indigenous, black and local leadership where their voices are amplified, the stories of the lives that have been lost are heard and the solutions they are bringing to the climate crisis are given the frontline exposure they deserve in the face of diverse and strategic audiences.

Relive Our Village NYC – Watch the panels

Maraka – Our Music Is Our Fight.

“For a long time, we were forced into silence, to not sing, express our culture, or ancestral traditions. Today we transform our fight into a melody. We know that our music tells our story.” – Eric Terena, artist, musician, activist, journalist.

We recently supported Eric, Edivan Fulni-ô and other talented Indigenous musicians as they came together to perform within the If Not Us Then Who? Our Village event at New York Climate Week. The music event known as – Maraká.

“Maraká Music is the sound of our maracá. Our traditional instrument, which is used for our prayers, for our daily lives, it’s the symbol of why we are making this union happen. In the midst of differences, inequalities among ourselves, Indigenous Peoples – our realities, the invasions, our struggles, we found in music a way to come together and to try strengthen this visibility even further.” – Eric Terena

Maraká is the beginning, a vision, that all involved hope to grow, looking to be inclusive of artists from diverse Indigenous backgrounds – a powerful creative tool for the struggle.

Prior to the performance photographer Joel Redman met with the artists in a NYC photographic studio, where he collaborated closely on a series of studio portraits that highlighted their individual creativity and self representation. Creating a unique collection of images at this significant moment. See full editorial below

Look to follow more of the work from the artists and support them in the climate fight. – Eric TerenaEdivan Fulni-ôArnaldo TerenaDjuena Tikuna, and Diego Janatã.

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Strategic Partners

Our Key Actions at NYC

‘Our Village’ at The Helen Mills Theater

We hosted 2 days of cultural programming, panels, facilitated discussions, film screenings, music, art, networking, and trainings.

Digital Amplification

We supported our allies with awareness raising, launched the new ‘Our Village’ platform, and produced the second season of the “Indigenous Impact Storytellers” Podcast.

Street Action – Climate Justice Bus

We took the streets of New York in support of Indigenous, Local and Black communities at the front of climate change with disruptive and innovative actions throughout the week.

Support & Training

Coverage support to our key partners at their main actions in multiple venues across the city. Support an Indigenous team of creatives with in-action training.

Meet the Indigenous Creatives who joined NYC

  • Eric Marky Terena

    VJ, Journalist, Filmmaker, and Co-founder of Midia Indigena Oficial

    Terena I Brazil

  • David Hernández Palmar

    Ambassador & Emerging Filmmakers Program Coordinator of INUTW

    Colombia/Venezuela I Wayuu

  • Nove Niryanti Usun

    Indigenous Filmmaker

    Dayak Bahau | Indonesia

  • Priscila Tapajowara

    Indigenous & Climate Activist, Photographer

    Tapajó I Brazil

  • Isabela Santana

    Actress & Emerging Filmmakers Program Administrator

    Pataxó I Brazil

  • Renan Suya Kokoyamaratxi

    Photographer, Filmmaker & Motion Graphic Maker

    Kisedjê I Brazil