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Our Village 2020

Our village is a unique and inclusive space emerges, fostering connections among Indigenous peoples, black environmental leaders, local communities, activists, artists, and decision-makers.


This collaborative hub serves as a platform for sharing and amplifying ideas, vital for healing our planet. Amidst the challenges posed by the 2020 pandemic crisis, this year’s discourse promises diverse perspectives that bind us together. Notable voices, including Indigenous leaders, scientific researchers, NASA astronauts, and religious figures, will contribute to the dialogue. The distinctive essence of Indigenous Peoples lies in their cosmology, revealing a profound connection to the universe. Their worldview challenges conventional notions of a barren world, as they ask us to perceive ourselves as integral components of the cosmos. This perspective underscores the interconnectedness of all actions and individuals, transcending boundaries and borders. Observing Earth from space reinforces this unity, obliterating the artificial divisions we’ve established. Gazing upon the shared expanse of land and ocean, those manmade demarcations fade, unveiling the truth that we are collectively stewards of this planet, resonates deeply, underscoring our shared destiny and the imperative of unified action.