Bringing Indigenous Peoples Voices to
demand Action at COP27

COP27 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
November 6-18

Mission at COP27:

Our mission is to ensure cultural diversity, amplify storytelling created in indigenous territories by indigenous peoples, and urge the implementation of the 5 demands at COP27

Why does COP27 matter to indigenous peoples?

Indigenous Peoples and Land are on the frontlines of the Climate Crisis and indigenous leadership, participation, and consent is not only just but also critical in the decision making processes. Governments have a responsibility to acknowledge loss and damage and begin to work on reparations by providing direct financing and implementing immediate climate adaptation plans. COP27 is crucial for advancing indigenous self-determination, indigenous sovereignty, and restoring the health of our planet.

Learn Our Five Demands at COP27

1.Land Rights
2.Free, prior and informed consent
3.Dirct Funding
4.Protection of Life
5.Traditional Knowledge

Our Village Community Corner at COP27 – Green Zone

Partnering with the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, Black & Indigenous Liberation Movement,  and Creative Industries Fund NL. Our Village will also be the home to, What Design Can Do,Creative Climate Collective, who will be using the space to showcase their climate innovations and prototypes. Last year at COP26, Our Village spaces served many, providing creative ways of resting while actively engaging with and listening to the voices of indigenous peoples and local communities. Many remarked this space as the only space where they felt “real human connections” in the vastness and consuming world that traditional COP spaces can be. After all, empathy and compassion for each other is at the center of what will transform our world, this is where we foster these relationships, this is where healing begins.

There is no climate justice without racial justice

Black & Indigenous
Liberation Movement

We invite you to take part in this collaborative space where you can learn from and share insights about Indigenous Peoples and their roles for climate action. Learn about our 5 Demands, network, and participate in transformative conversations. We value collaboration for it is not the sole responsibility of Indigenous Peoples to protect the health of our planet. It is our collective responsibility to take care of each other. 

Thank you to all partners and support from Tenure Facility. Everyone is welcomed! Come and meet us at: The Green Zone, Our Village. Thank you


Thanks to our partners for supporting this Our Village event

Events Schedule

November 8-16

Nov. 10
Discussion Circle with Amazon Sacred Headwaters

2 – 2:45 pm

Where: Our Village Community Corner – Green Zone – Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

Who: Indigenous leaders from the Amazon Sacred Headwaters gather to present their vision for the future of the Amazon rainforest. A future that ensures the protection of nature and the respect of indigenous traditions and self-determination

Showcase: N4C Films – Ghana and Panama

More about Amazon Sacred Headwaters here

Nov. 12
Implementing Climate Action in Entertainment & Culture: Inclusive and Equitable Pathways Towards a More Sustainable Sector

2 – 3:30 pm  (local time)

Where: Room Ibis, UNFCCC COP 27 Blue Zone – Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

Who: Event hosted by the UNFCCC for the Film & TV sector – with Yea! Impact 1 hour of keynote speeches followed by a brief mixer reception.

What: If Not Us Then Who? Keynote presentation:  “Regeneration in filmmaking. How can the Film & TV sector help protect biodiversity and our natural resources?”

Speakers: David Hernandez & Yurshell Rodriguez (See profiles above)

Other speakers include:

Roser Canela Mas, Emily Wanja, Samuel Rubin, Favianna Rodriguez, Jeannine Kayembe Oro

More about Yea! Impact here

Nov. 12
Culture COP – Liberating Culture**

11 – 12 pm

Where: Sharm el-Sheikh Museum

What: Stories for a new world: How do we transform climate storytelling?

  • Alice Aedy
  • Andrea Ixchiu
  • Priscila Tapajowara
  • David Hernandéz
  • Nazanin Alakija
  • Alison Tickell

About the session:

Hear from the people who are transforming climate storytelling and finding new ways to tell and document stories, creating new spaces for the voices that the world needs to hear. Why is talking about narrative a key conversation to be had? Why is it all about the narrative?

More about Culture COP here

Agenda COP27

Please find our Media Kit where you will get our key messages, partners information, as well as, partners events and related activities happening at COP27. 

For more information about the agenda please contact [email protected] Media and Communications Officer.

Meet the Impact Storytellers
joining COP27

With a group of both Indigenous and non-inidgenous INUTW team creatives, from Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, and UK we are heading to COP27 in Egypt to visibilize the role of Indigenous Peoples in climate action. 

We are committed to amplifying the voices of indigenous creatives and leaders. We welcome their wisdom, practices and strongly stand in solidarity with their demands for action. Storytelling is at the core of transforming and restoring not just the health of our planet but also healing each other. Addressing the climate crisis we are in, is about compassion and implementing real action. Here at COP27 we have the voices and expertise to reshape the way we are taking care of our planet. Together, let’s take action and co-create a world where communities, led by indigenous peoples, belong to an abundant natural world inspired by resilient storytelling.


Indigenous Editor

Panama I Gunadule

David Hernández Palmar | Wayuu
David Hernández Palmar | Wayuu

Filmmaker | Producer



Environmental Engineer & Climate Activist

Raizal Afro-Caribbean Ethnic Group | Colombia

Priscila Tapajowara
Priscila Tapajowara

Indigenous & Climate Activist, Photographer

Brazil I Tapajó


Illustrator, muralist, plastic artist, and audiovisual producer

Guatemala I Mayan K’iche

Jaye Renold
Jaye Renold

Filmmaker & Visual Journalist


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