3rd November 3-5pm


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Voices from the Forest

A Film Showcase For People and Forests

Wednesday, 3rd November 3-5pm @ IMAX Green Zone

The Environmental Investigation Agency, If Not Us Then Who and Rainforest Foundation UK, along with Kaoem Telapak and the Tenure Facility, present a showcase of short films highlighting the role local communities play in forest protection, and the urgent need to include them as partners to protect the threatened forests of the world.

The films will present challenges and solutions in trying to protect forests in Indonesia and the Congo Basin. Forest advocates and local community leaders will give presentations to accompany the films that will highlight recent challenges and ongoing efforts by communities protecting and managing their forests.

The Tenure Facility will premiere a film produced by Indigenous People in Indonesia and If Not us then Who? . An Indigenous Leader from Indonesia, Mina Setra, will be presenting alongside it.

EIA will present clips from their new film Indonesia: the Fight for the Remaining Forest alongside presentations by Indonesian forest advocates Mardi Minangsari and Abu Meridian.

Rainforest Foundation UK will present films on community forestry and the steps communities are taking to protect forests in the Congo Basin and West Africa.


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