5th November 4-6pm

Online & Offline

What are the impacts of Climate Change?

Friday, 5th November 4-6pm @ Theatre CCA

Using visceral new smartphone footage and first hand accounts we will explore climate impacts recorded by citizen journalists from across the globe.

The #WorldWeWant campaign amplifies the voices of people fighting to survive on the frontlines of multiple emergencies.

With interview and filming skills acquired through a training process, CAN members and their communities have created more than 30 short films from the ground using their smartphones and cameras.

These stories reveal the consequences of decades of government inaction and highlights solutions required to inspire and achieve a world that people aspire towards. It brings out the human faces of climate change to win more hearts and build power for social change.


Meet diverse community leaders


For more than 6 weeks @ CCA Glasgow


Be inspired by a diversity of stories

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